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Our Background

In 1999, while working with a large recreational soccer league based in Rockland County, NY, we began searching for a reliable software solution that would facilitate registering returning players and coaches online.  The solution needed to include the following abilities:

  • Use of existing data on active players, thereby saving the users from having to re-enter data that was already on file
  • Validation of all required fields, ensuring clean & accurate data in the database
  • Clear and simple payment choices that would allow registration funds to be automatically transferred directly into the League's checking account, eliminating bank deposits, as well as many associated physical cash and check handling issues

Exhaustive research over the next few years did not uncover any vendor that offered the required combination of reliability, speed and security, as well as integration with existing league management software.

As a result, in 2000, we decided to solve the problem by developing our own software solution.

The first step was to form a panel comprised of experienced league administrators to design a system that would be familiar, secure, and effective, and most of all that would eliminate the need for all the resources required for multiple in-person registrations.

The result of this collaboration was the first version of the LeaguePilot system, which has been seamlessly implemented into leagues all over the country, allowing thousands upon thousands of new and returning players, coaches and referees to register online.  Due to its overwhelming success, we continue to develop new features and enhance current functionality to meet the varying needs of the leagues who use our system.

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