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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a computer whiz to use LeaguePilot?

Not at all. The LeaguePilot system was designed with League Administrators in mind, to save them the time, hassle and paperwork that multiple in-person registration sessions bring. Once you are set up with LeaguePilot, Members can register 24 hours a day online, without any intervention from the league. You do not have to worry about collecting Members' data or payments, as the LeaguePilot system does it all for you.
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Do I need a website to use LeaguePilot?

You do not need a website to use LeaguePilot, although it is strongly recommended, because it provides your Members with a familiar, comfortable starting point from which to begin Online Registration.
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Is LeaguePilot compatible with my existing website?

Yes. LeaguePilot is compatible with any website.
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What if I don't already have a website?

LeaguePilot offers website building, hosting and maintenance services for all of our clients. You will find that having a website is not nearly as difficult as it seems, and will greatly improve your league's communication efforts with members.  In fact, we have built many custom websites for our clients and will be happy to discuss this option with you as well. 
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About the LeaguePilot System

How does the LeaguePilot product work?

The LeaguePilot solution is simple in its implementation. We provide you with a URL link to your online registration that you attach to any link or button on your website. Your online registration screens will be tailored to the exact look of your existing website, so that the end result is a seamless registration process where your registrants will perceive that they never leave your site.
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Do registrants actually register on your site?

No. They register on your site. The registration process does take place on our servers, linked from your web site.
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What is the process for the registrant?

Our solution is basic and simple. As a prior player, your applicant obtains a secure code, totally unique to each player in your registration database, including coaches and volunteers. Upon entering that private code, the pertinent stored data for each registrant is populated on the screen and at that point the applicant proceeds through each data screen to enter, correct, or verify the existing data already on file. At the end, the registrant pays the registration fee you have specified, and the funds are deposited directly into the League's bank account.
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What does Online Registration cost?

Our model is based on collecting a small convenience fee for each registrant who is registered with the system. You can have this set up as an added convenience fee at the end of registration in addition to any other registration costs, or you can embed it directly into registration fee.
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How do we get paid?

Unlike many other Online Registration systems, which receive funds into their own account and then distribute payments to the League periodically, the LeaguePilot system deposits all funds directly into your league bank account. This way, YOU are always in control of your money.
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How do we get people to use Online Registration?

Any number of ways. We offer an advanced email blast system called EmailPilot, which many of our clients employ in order to get the word out to their entire user base in just a few clicks. This can and should be combined with existing processes you may already have in place, such as posting on your website, print advertising, mass phone calls to your membership, etc. Even noting it at live registration helps for later registration periods. Everyone that registers online saves you time, money, and work, so it's best to make sure they know about it.
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How do we get our registration data?

Your data is transferred through the integrated menu directly to your computer and is compatible with all major data management applications such as Microsoft Excel, Access, or the existing league managment software you already use. Registrants are instantly ready for division assignment and team formation.
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Is your Online Registration secure?

Yes. Backed by the latest in SSL encryption technology, the LeaguePilot system is fully fortified against any compromise of Members' private transaction information. All credit card data is encrypted using industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

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Do you support multiple child discounts?

Yes. Simply supply us with the pricing scale you would like to offer and the system will do the required calculations.

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Can we force applicants to accept our user agreement, medical disclaimer, code of conduct, etc?

Yes. The LeaguePilot system supports any type of disclaimer you want your registrants to accept. They will not be able to complete registration without accepting them.
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Can the registration screens display our logo or pictures?

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Do you support concepts like Late Registration periods?

Of course. The system fully supports multiple pricing levels, such as lower pricing for early registration and late fees for late registration periods.
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What if a feature I'm looking for isn't available?

LeaguePilot was created in response to the specific and varying needs of League Administrators everywhere, and we will maintain this tradition going forward. If a feature is not available, we will work with you to meet your needs as closely as possible.
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