So affordable, it literally pays for itself.

Pay only for what you use. Or pass on a small fee to each participant and pay nothing.

2.9% per registration

$199 one time setup. No monthly fees.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Not at all. The LeaguePilot system was designed with League Administrators in mind, to save them the time, hassle and paperwork that multiple in-person registration sessions bring. Once you are set up with LeaguePilot, Members can register 24 hours a day online, without any intervention from the league. You do not have to worry about collecting Members’ data or payments, as the LeaguePilot system does it all for you.

You do not need a website to use LeaguePilot, although it is strongly recommended, because it provides your Members with a familiar, comfortable starting point from which to begin Online Registration.

Yes. LeaguePilot is compatible with any website.

LeaguePilot offers website building, hosting and maintenance services for all of our clients. You will find that having a website is not nearly as difficult as it seems, and will greatly improve your league’s communication efforts with members.  In fact, we have built many custom websites for our clients and will be happy to discuss this option with you as well.